Esther Meschini Gandi

The painter Palmo Ancona, by the Municipality of Alberobello, has exposed at the Gallery “Il Cenacolo” of Florence. Palmo Ancona, informal precursor of all vanguardist techniques,torpedos all our italian artistic evolution in its own way. He recovers an ideological reality, difficult and hard to follow.
“Vito Sante Longo has so defined the painter : Palmo Ancona doesn't dwell on the surrounding the face,anatomizing a limb,drawing a hand but he entrusts the works of art at the spectators and he trusts in the art critic to be researched, discovered, felt beyond the artistic subject.
An interesting painter, flighty, overweening, who lives in the beauty of his art which is glaw and harmony.
Are present : the owner of the Gallery Ing. Rocco Malato, the Tourism Councillor of Alberobello prof. Elio Partipilo, the Public Works Councillor of Alberobello prof. Domenico Ivone, Sen. Piero Bargellini of Florence, Prof. Berti of Florence, Comm. Bellanca and Esther Meschini Gandi of Florence.

Giancarlo Caldini - "An imagination without limits"

The last sort of realism is to analyze the reality in its primordial elements, to reform animage using the graphic, pictorial and plastic representation in an aesthetic order which follows the laws of the nature.
Going beyond the realism, the imagination masters and the artist uses fantastic invention to explore and to evoke a world which is unreal but not for this reason is less suggestive and it is also arranged by rules contained in the same needs which have originated it. Palmo Ancona developsin this direction his research with consistent results even though unpredictable. Each draw, litography, painting of this apulian artist, is an indipendent and complete world, an organic whole of shapes arranged in a concret space, according an order of relationship and of dimension so evident, natural, harmonic that we think at the first moment to a traditonal representation.
With a careful observation you note that no “pictures” are imitation or recollection of the reality although these seem well-known ideas and things. These pictures are not arbitrary inventions but you feel something to surface at the conscience, events and visions whose we lost memory, but they belong to our inner life, wordless feelings, incommunicable emotions thanks to a complete and unlimited language of the shapes, colours and lines.
On this direction of three-dimensional language full of contents and ideas, Palmo Ancona has composed many complete and indipendent tales but secretly connected by emotional mood and fantastic fire.
In this way his work doesn’t appear isolated, because it is oriented to the big and multiform fantastic current. The artist is careful interpreter of the bigger results of the Abstractionism of Klee and Kandinsky.
The painter is not attracted by the exasperation towards the orrible, the sadist or the symbolistic neodecadentism.

Modesto Cammisa

It’s not possible for me to think Palmo Ancona separated by his painting.
Ancona has always painted. The painting is the essence of his life, because this is his attitude, his continuous research, his imagination, his learning, his education, the way to look beyond, to know, to see, well… is life.
That being so, I’ve difficult to put the artist in a pictorial current or in a movement.
The critics identify in the Surrealism the essential lines of his painting for his psychological research between reality and dream world that the painter propose in his works.
In my opinion, this label is reductive and inadequate to place the expressive polyhedric nature and the artistic language of our painter.
How to explain the cosmicbreath of his painting? …And the dream atmosphere in his works? …and the cubism of composition and decomposition of many of his figures? …and the research of the Absolute? …and the studies almost manic and always with poetic results of shape and colour?
These things represent, in my opinion, the real and unique costants of his painting, with a particular emotion.
I repeat that is difficult to contain his painting ed his sculpture, Palmo Ancona escapes you!
The artist doesn’t grow away from the reality, but he tries to free itfrom the sensitive and objective datum and so to create an atmosphere of emotions and feelings.
Heis the poet of the Ego, conscious and unconscious, the painter of the soul, of his soul continually busy in the introspective research more deep, intimate, and true.
His research is open to the people to explain the life essence and to be alive.
In front of his sculptures andhis paintings, the spectators of the exhibition can appreciate the organicity, the evolution, and the perfection of the shapes and workmanship in graduated shading; the colour becomes a sign to express feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Vito Sante Longo

I think that commissioninga theme to Palmo Ancona is like a risk, because if you observe his last production, you notice in each painting, composition, draw, the care of the artist to centralize his attention, to focus a conquest, to describe an idea, to show his spiritual reason, his particular emotion.
Palmo Ancona is a painter, an artist full of humanity; he has found his voice in the colour, his language in the draw, his world and his thirst for knowledge in the favourite themes.
The artist takes refuge in the art with his fantasy and he gives continuity, rhythm and harmony to his colours.
Often the subject is the human intimate nature, the eternal conflict between the mind and the matter.
His decompositions accentuate the spiritual torment of Palmo Ancona and these are considered through an inner mistery which remarks the eternal dispute of human feelings.
Palmo Ancona doesn't dwell on the surrounding the face,anatomizing a limb,drawing a hand but he entrusts the works of art at the spectators and he trusts in the art critic to be researched, discovered, felt beyond the artistic subject.
His pictures are living creatures seen in their internal world and the creator excludes on purpose each exterior reason or simply decorative.
He demonstrates with the brushes, he draws lines, he speaks with agile, quick and thin signs to give life and elegance to his paintings.

Don Pedro - "A Surrealist "

The conversation with Palmo Ancona is pleasant, he exposes at the “Nuova Vernice”. We didn’t know him although this artist is born in Alberobello in Apulia, where he lives and works, because the painter keeps continually aside.
An analysis about the genesis, another one about the surrealism and the different possible interpretations and then certain notes about the feelings, the emotions, the language, the communication of the shapes and the colours.
The painting of Palmo Ancona moves from the humanistic abstractionism to the ideological creed, from the symbolism of the circle to the sensory connections with the universe, from the symbolism of the being as supreme reality to the spirit’s evanescence, from the concreteness of the matter to the suggestions of the afterlife. An intrigue ofsensory arguments surprise us because of his painting based on the concepts of the absolute and relativity and realized as tribute to the subjective and universal philosophy, we have to remember that Palmo Ancona is self-taught.
The shapes? What are the shapes for Palmo Ancona? They are signs, or sensations which travel free in the space to come back to the start after a ethereal and evanescent “trip”.
This is the central theme thatPalmo Ancona proposesproperly in his painting.
Maybe he has also faith in the supreme Ego and in the life resurrection.
Infact the shapes die but the spirit of the shapes don’t die; the vibrant tones turn off but the colour don’t turn off when also this one comes down to the evanescence.The artist tends toward an evanescence always shining with sensitivity and emotionality to research the Ego in its dimension and quality when this one breaks off from the matter.
The language of Palmo Ancona is pictorial but also binding philosophical.

Vinicio Aquaro

Who thinks to find the reality in the painting and sculpture, has to use the mind in the research of the originality and diversity. The work of art goes over the techniques and external appearance.
For its nature the art is not teaching,neither learning but sensational result of the human genius with a personal flair. In the real art you don’t use the word "to copy".
The originality, conditio sine qua non, gives rhythm to each work of the artist.
The artistic flair is a big lesson for the normal people.
Palmo Ancona lives and dreams,with his paintings and sculptures, in this universe.
Inside the artist there is something that fills the soul up to reach a vision of disclosed mystery.
The space and the circular shapes follow the ideal perfection; the shape is sketched,intuitive,essential,never analytic and descriptive, curled up and perfused in an universe of sensations and signs; his dream is reality, but the reality is dreamy.
In the paintings live the world and the fantasy; these two situations are completely present in this hall.
These works of art, these sculpture, show the power of human soul.
The function of the art is important, its mission of trust and hope, its eternal message of energy and universal synthesis.
In the work of the real artist there is a bursting heart of the life; there is a vibrant string of the universal harmony; there is the power of world conquest.
The research of Palmo Ancona is full of problems, courage and will.
The artist achieves aestetich, technical and formal conquests; he is mature and his conclusions are creative full of feelings and suggestionsand not experiments, neither proofs.
The chromatism and the movement correspond to purposes and inner plans, from here originate unlimited emotions of the human soul.
This exhibition is important to give an answer at our inner loneliness with a ray of light.
These works of art speak an universal language for us and for the other people.
All of us, here, admire a sign of beauty and joy to become more honest and lively.