Palmo Ancona

Palmo Ancona, is born in Alberobello (Bari) on the 19 of December 1946. Finished the studies he becomes quicklyexpert in traditional pictorial technique to use soon in his main themes.

From the first “realist” period, where he takes an interest in matter’s studies, he comes to “surrealist” dimension; here we note a gradual separation of the matter to the problematic research of the truth. Infact he comes to a dimension headed for the Absolute in wich he works still now. He uses very personal colours’ and shapes’ language to fix on the painting emotions and feelings of the universal truth. Self taught, he works also on the sculpture which symbolizes an essential moment of his artistic worldin sync with pictorial language. The artist is present and careful at the most important artistic events in the bigger italian centres. A painter of the South Italy, indipendent, paeceable who through feelings and emotions delightfully personal, he does discover us higher dimension with accurate picture of time and space.

Currently he operates in P.zza XXVII Maggio, 43 Alberobello
Tel. 080 4325413